Ever wonder where to put your dirty socks and undergarments when traveling? Us too! Introducing our 2-sided laundry bag. It's a pouch with a zipper on each side and a divider in the middle so you can easily store your cleans and dirties separately and in one convenient place when traveling. This is our "extended stay" bag which is bigger for longer trips. We also have a smaller size called, The Weekender that's perfect for your two night trips!

*All pre-orders will be shipped on or by 4/15. If ordering with other items, your order will not ship until pre-order is in stock*

  • 11.5" L X 11.75" W
  • Water resistant
  • Natural canvas outside, coated canvas inside
  • Fits in a standard carryon suitcase.

*Wipe clean on inside. Spot clean on outside. Not advised for washing machine.

*The Weekender size is still in stock and great for quick trips!



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It’s As Simple As...

1. Pack your cleans

2. Flip

3. Stash your dirites

4. Vacation, repeat!