The Daily Cactus 'Leather' Laptop Clutch


I designed this laptop clutch so you have a sleek, slim fit sleeve to protect your laptop on-the-go along with a discreet front pocket to hold your essentials (iPhone, journal, pen, etc)- all in one! Stash it in your bag or clutch it from place to place

  • Fits a 12" wide X 1.5 CM thick laptop or smaller ONLY
  • Non-leather made from Cactus
  • 2 pockets
  • H 12.3" X W 9.3"
  • Easily fits a laptop, notepad, iPhone and pen
  • Fits a notebook that is 8” W X 9” L and 1/2” thick or less. 


  • DO NOT use any leather protectant or cleaning sprays
  • If you need to clean it, we recommend you use clean a soft, slightly humid cloth. Never use soap or solvent
  • Do not expose your product to direct light sources or heating sources, or to greasy products, hand cream, make-up or perfume.


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